30 Paintings in 30 Days

The other day while I was listening to Leslie Saeta’s podcast Artists Helping Artists I heard about her 30 day challenge. The challenge was to paint 30 paintings, one a day, for the month of January.

I’ve heard of groups of artists who commit to a painting a day and thought it was an interesting concept. There is an artist named Carol Marine who just published a book on the subject, Daily Painting.

The possible benefits to my painting?

  1. No time to second guess myself, make a decision and move forward
  2. Plan thirty compositions on the fly
  3. Use the painting tools with a higher skill level, one stroke instead of eight
  4. Get to the essence of what I have to say in paint

O.K., where do I sign up? At Leslie’s challenge site. It’s kind of fun because a map shows me places around the world where other artist’s have signed on.panels

What else? Go through photos I’ve been holding onto because I felt they had merit and choose 30 subjects, ( some, not subjects I usually paint), next prepare 30, 8″ x 8″ panels to paint on, ( just an arbitrary size I decided on).


It’s not to late for you to join too…..


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