First Day 30 Paintings in 30 Days

I was anxious to get started with the first painting today. I mixed up the images so that the subject would be a surprise .

This photo was from my Renaissance collection. Starting off with a limited pallet I massed in the shapes, just breaking up the space.




This reminded me of my plein aire painting days when I would say things like, “this is the subject that you have before you, just do it”. I decided not to change anything , if I needed to later, I could. With so many color passages in a small space the importance of correct value was the most important, in order to keep things organized. Get the shapes, values, edges than color.

Using White, Cad Orange, Cad Red Light, Cad Red Dark and Cobalt Blue made me stick to a narrow range of hues. A green tone was needed at the top of the painting, I had to think “what’s the greenest mixture I can get?” The answer was Cobalt Blue and Cad Orange.

Check out the other 30 paintings in 30 days at Leslie’s Challenge website.

Glad I got this first one done…..on to day two


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