30 Paintings in 30 Days, days 14 and 15

Day 14’s painting was the first one that I was not happy with. I realized when I started it that the scene was mostly in shadow, making a rather dull contrast image. What I didn’t realize until I had no time left in the day was that there was a lot of camera distortion in the photo. The perspective of the wall was just not right and I didn’t like how the wall followed the line of the planter behind it, yes I should have changed it but, I didn’t see it until it was too late.  Either the angle of the planter or the wall was off, not sure which, also the door is not right,  but here you have it, my dirty laundry.


Today’s image was also of a low contrast scene, but of a much different type. John and I like to go to the Laguna Plein Aire Invitational in the fall. It’s really fun to run around the beach and downtown area watching all of the Artists create their wonderful art on the spot. At the end of 4 hours a horn blows and everyone must stop painting. The event culminates with an art show and sale.


During one of these trips, while walking on the beach I saw this couple who looked perfect for a subject!

I began this painting by working the sky, it was like walking in a dark room, feeling for the walls, there was nothing to judge the value or intensity against. I jumped to the figures, once they were dialed in the whole key of the painting was established. The sand, water and sky seemed to almost paint themselves as everything became very clear.

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