Alla Prima, Changes Made

The last thing I needed to deal was time management. Painting two hours here, skip a day, five hours there, isn’t going to work for the direct painting technique I want to use. I’ve decided to harness three days from the week for actual painting. The first day; decide on my subject and get the drawing down correctly. The second day; paint for five to seven hours, the third day, as long as it takes to get it done.

This has multiple benefits. Not only does the paint stay workable for the duration of the painting but it helps me to be more focused. When I leave myself open to paint any day of the week, the guilt sets in, “you should be painting, instead of…….fill in the blank”. With three days totally dedicated to painting I can also hold onto my initial inspiration and excitement for the piece. Many times I’ve worked on a painting over several weeks only to forget why I started it.

Of course working in a shorter block of time means the size of the paintings are going to be kept smaller, for now.


This is my newest painting of Kat. Her gaze and expression are what made me want to paint her. I’ve utilized all the changes to my working process that I’ve mentioned in the previous post and this one.

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