Monday Afternoon at the Art Group

Quick Study of Anastasia by Diane Eugster
Quick Study of Anastasia by Diane Eugster

It may not be realistic to work from live models all the time but most cities have groups that facilitate two or three hour sessions with real people.

Even in our city, Las Vegas, which is not a mecca for the arts, there are several types to choose from.

Nude figure drawing groups which can be hosted by gallery spaces or individuals at their homes. Look at Meet-up online for what’s going on in your area.


Portrait painting, short and long poses are another type of group that help hone your skills. Usually the model fee is split up between the participants. This type of group is easy to find models for, family members, neighbors etc. In a previous blog post I wrote about other places to find models.

These groups are fun and good for us types that spend too much time in the studio and need to mingle with humanity. If you can’t find one, start one, maybe in your garage with a few friends, you’d be surprised how these things can grow.

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