The Most Important Five Minutes of the Painting

Everyday rain or shine I take my mini dachshund Brandy for a walk. Recently I’ve noticed yards beginning to green up and flowers blooming. I took my camera on our walk the other day and was lucky to see these roses fully opened. What I like about this subject is the organized chaos of nature, the twisting, turning and curling of forms.

Aprildemlr1The palette was Cad. Yellow Light, Cad. Yellow Deep, Cad. Red Light, Cad. Red Deep, Viridian Green and Cobalt Blue.

At this point I figured out the basic color blocks and was happy with the placement. Continuing around, developing areas, being careful to not spend too much time in any one area.


How can I take this to a place that only paint can go? Heavy application in the lights, softer in the background, sharper in the flower and leaves…


The beginning of the second day is the most important five minutes of the painting. I have to resist the urge to grab a brush and start painting.Instead I pull up a chair, set my phone for five minutes and just look. This is a great time to train my eye, how can I move this to a conclusion? Searching for distracting areas like that bit of light blue in the upper left hand corner that pull my eye out of the picture, searching for ways to make the things I like about it better, like carefully going over that top edge of the flower, looking for the little variations that make it interesting.

These seem like small things, but I’ve found that many small things add up to a big impact. When the alarm goes off I might set it for another five minutes until I feel I have a solid plan in mind.

April’s Offering by Diane Eugster

The finish.



7 Replies to “The Most Important Five Minutes of the Painting”

  1. Watching this develop as I pass your studio on the way to the shop is amazing! Always reminded of how I thought artists just idly placed paint on the canvas and came up with a masterpiece — it’s a lot of hard, concentrated effort and you do it oh so well.

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