Red to the Rescue!


The Traveler, by Diane Eugster
The Traveler, by Diane Eugster

Have you ever looked at one of your finished paintings and thought “what if”. What if I made this area brighter, duller, lighter, darker…you get the idea.

I was viewing my recent painting, in the previous post, The Traveler, with this question… what if this painting had a large dark area? It might add an anchor and make a more graphic image because I would be using both ends of the value scale and cutting out the middle. It’s funny how value is relative, the painting as it is (was) is light, and middle value with dark and light accents. When a large dark is introduced, the rest of the painting is all of a sudden thrown into the light value category in relation to the large dark.

O.K., go for it, what color to use? Either a darker value of something already in the painting, or something that is the absolute opposite of everything in the painting, yes, red was my choice. 

The color red has some special characteristics that no other color possess. It is one of the only colors that reads as a dark even in it’s lighter shades. So I could still get the light effect and the weight of a darker tone.

I was happy with the outcome, a stronger, more graphic image.


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