Painting News…

Every year since 1934 Las Vegan’s have celebrated Helldorado Days. The theme harkens back to our frontier roots. The celebration concludes with an art show, which I decided to enter this year, a western theme was not required.

I was honored to receive the first place award in oil painting for the piece below, “Mending Her Shoe”.

MendingHerShoeLR2As John and I walked around admiring the other art work, several people we talked to congratulated me as well as told me how well the frame fit the painting. I truly believe that a frame can make or break a painting, and believe me, I realize how very luck I am that my woodworker husband, John is also my framer. He carved and gilded the frame especially for this painting.

It was a joint project as I found a motif for the corner, drew it, and he did the rest, a process which he has documented on his own blog here.

The painting was from a photo I took while visiting our Nevada Ballet Theatre during a rehearsal .


2 Replies to “Painting News…”

  1. Congratulations! This painting is fabulous! I am impressed with your many talents! I am fixing to start a carving class (I’m just waiting on my knives & gouges). Now I have the urge to carve my own frames!


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