Painting the Same Subject, Three Ways

I have a series of images that I like so much that through the years I keep painting them, but from different perspectives.

One day while my daughter was in middle school I took a series of photos of her with her flute. Several were in one location while others in another, but all were the same day.

It’s fun to get the flute paintings together and see “where I was” in my painting journey at the time I did them.


The above painting I did about twelve years ago. I remember my goal was to make her appear almost sheltered by the large chair, separated from the world with her music. I like the composition and the sense of light.


This was painted about five years later, from a different photo on the same day. I was experimenting with heavy textures at the time. I like the motion and lively quality of it even though she was sitting. I can now see some drawing issues with the anatomy, my motto is “you do the best you can with what you know at the time”.


This is a recent painting from a similar photo. I wanted to emphasize  the relaxed mood of the girl, including the flute but minimizing it’s importance.

All three of these similar but so different. Having an idea, a specific thing I want to say about the subject has always been very helpful to me in taking a painting to completion.


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