Making it Your Own-

About two months ago my husband John and I had a tent at the Summerlin Art Festival. It was a terrific weekend, great weather and good sales. On Sunday as the fair was winding down I realized I had not even gone over to check out the entertainment on the stage, so phone in hand, (you never know when a good photo op with show up), I found myself watching a Mariachi band made up of teenagers. They were super high energy with their shiny instruments gleaming against a background of black uniforms with crisp white shirts. But alas, the stage  backed up to the bright sun light, it was impossible to get a good shot. I realized the photo wasn’t meant to be and enjoyed the lively music. At one point the band broke for a few minutes. Walking toward me was a beautiful mexican girl with a violin. Quickly I asked, “do you mind if I take your picture?”, I knew at the time, this would be a painting.

Days after the event I opened the image and found my optimism was well founded. I could see what made me want to paint this, it just needed some adjustments.

The original photo
The original photo

First the three value thumbnail sketch would help to “clear out the clutter”, kind of like having a garage sale, it gives me a fresh start.


Yes, it’s coming into focus now, at this point I begin to see the manipulations that need to happen to “make it my own”.

  • change the expression, a little less smile
  • fade the shadow side into darkness
  • a little more formal
  • some underlying energy
la Niña Mariachi by Diane Eugster
la Niña Mariachi by Diane Eugster


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