The Portable Artist

During this last year I have found new opportunities to paint outside of the studio. Working outdoors or in classroom/open studio situations, can be an exciting way to supercharge your motivation. I’ve needed to think faster, with limited time, quick decisions need to be made in order to get it done.

Another part of being a “portable artist” is traveling light. It’s great when I can spread out in the studio, brushes in this drawer and that container, canvases leaning, stacked and on easels, but a condensed version of what’s needed had to be trimmed down.

One awkward situation is having one or more wet paintings to carry out, put in the car and get back to the studio without damage to the surface. On more than one occasion I’ve finished a 3 hour painting session outside only to drop my painting, face first, yes, into the dirt.

Wet panel carrier by John
Wet panel carrier by John

Several years ago John made a wet panel carrier for traveling on trips, for instance on an airplane.

This works great but what I was currently looking was something light weight, easy to carry that holds panels or stretched canvas in various sizes.

John came up with this great design which holds two canvases (up to 16″ x 20″) or a panel and canvas of different sizes or multiple panels. He has chronicled the building process at

John's new canvas/panel carrier
John’s new canvas/panel carrier

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 6.58.43 PM

John is going to reproduce several carriers. I’d like opinions on what you think would be a reasonable price point?

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