Getting “Normal”

It’s been one week since we arrived in Scottsdale and our days are starting to get somewhat “normal”.

John found his bench for carving picture frames was too high when placed on the apartment floor carpeting, so he went out on the patio and sawed the legs down-

IMG_1320Can you get kicked out of an apartment complex for that?

Have organized my studio area in a way that I feel comfortable with. The lighting needs some tweaking but it will do for now.


In the evening, my first night at the Scottsdale Artists School open studio. The first thing I learned…leaving at 6pm for the 6:30 session was going to get me a place in the third row toward the back of the room, note to self….leave much earlier next time.

I found a group of all ages and skill levels. During the breaks everyone walked around the room to see what was being done by other artists, a very stimulating atmosphere.

We had a good model but it took me some time to get adjusted. By the end of the first hour I was getting in the flow. By the end of the second hour I was tired and very tempted to call it a night, but I reminded myself, these longer poses were a great thing to take advantage of. The last hour was really worth staying for as I was able to pull the portrait sketch together and iron out some of the problem areas. A good session, looking forward to many more, Wednesday is figure gestures!

Tuesday night Portrait Open Session

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