First Workshop While in Scottsdale

Monday was a day I had been looking forward to for months, my one week painting workshop with artist David Shevlino.

David’s work intrigued me because of the fluid way he uses paint. His active subjects have life and motion, with simplified backgrounds.

This class has twenty students from all over the country, a very friendly and diverse group. On the first day David did a demo to show us his unique approach to painting.

David Shevlino workshop demo

This was the first stage of his demo. He started on a dark grey toned canvas, which was a reverse of what I usually do.

I have always used a white canvas, sometimes with a light grey wash, but never this dark. The problem this presents is judging the light values against a light canvas is hard. I usually go too light with my flesh tones, which makes it hard to model the form before I’ve run out of light values. But starting on a dark grey surface made a medium value flesh tone appear very bright so I still had four solid lighter tones to work with which was awesome.

Second Stare of David Shelving's workshop demo
Second Stare of David Shevlino’s workshop demo

In this second stage of the demo he added warm tones in the shadows which really started to bring the painting to life. He does all this with a 2″- 3″ brush.

David Shevlino's demo
David Shevlino’s demo

At this stage David put in some of the lighter tones as well as some half tones in the light areas. Between answering our questions (of which there were many), and model breaks he didn’t get to finish before we begin our afternoon painting session, with our choice of two models for the rest of the afternoon.

Using the dark grey canvas, the large brushes and lots of oil medium, I was out of my usual comfort zone for the afternoon, but loved it! Tomorrow one model, one pose all day, see what happens …

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