Final Day of David Shevlino Workshop

Summing up the last 5 days of a wonderful experience attending the David Shevlino Figure Painting Workshop at the Scottsdale Artist’s School, I’ll say fabulous!!!!!

The three main things I have taken away from this experience-

Using the mixing surface on my palette in a much more integrated way. Creating new tones out of one central mix, making them all off shoots, provides wonderful nuances and harmony among colors.

Paint handling; laying wet paint layers on top of each other with just the right speed and touch creates luminous effects.

And the most important, how to see an entire subject as 5 to 7 angled lines. Perceiving like this helps to build strong compositions and render subjects correctly.

And of course all the nice people I met, the memory of a great Italian dinner with them at Gramali’s on Main Street, and all the stories we shared about painting techniques. There’s something about spending 30 hours painting the same subjects with a group of other artists that reassures you, that you are not alone in your struggles…. now on to open studio time to practice what I’ve learned!



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