To Sum it Up …

We are nearing the end of our 6 month stay in Scottsdale. To recap, John and I decided to celebrate our 20th anniversary by temporarily living in an “art friendly” city, our choice was Scottsdale Arizona.

Why Scottsdale? I have enjoyed attended workshops at the Scottsdale Artists School over the last 15 years. Other art destinations are within easy driving distance, like Sedona and Tucson. The outlying desert regions have a multitude of hiking trail, biking trails (for John) and interesting locations to paint.

What we didn’t expect to happen after 3 months was moving here. So an extended vacation has turned into a life changing event as we have listed our home in Las Vegas for sale and put in a contingency offer for a house in Phoenix.

To sum up the last 6 months I decided a slide show of the work I have completed while here would say it best. Most of the paintings were done from life at the open studio sessions at Scottsdale Artists School.

Some days I experimented with different techniques, some days the paint just seemed to flow while others were a struggle. I learned a lot by painting a lot, and watching some very talented artists. So here are the images in a slide show, in the order they were painted…if you have trouble with the embedded file, try this link


5 Replies to “To Sum it Up …”

  1. We, along with Las Vegas, will miss the both of you. I can understand the change of location based on your interests. You have painted a LOT of pictures in the time span listed above and I am always impressed with your interpretation of the subject matter. Portraits were my most difficult subject and you handle it so effortlessly. I truly wish the both of you the best of luck but you two don’t seem to need luck to achieve your happiness. Take care.


  2. LaVonne, thanks for your encouragement. We will miss Las Vegas a lot, but we are close and plan to make the drive between Phoenix and Vegas often, so hope to see you then. Diane


  3. I’m so excited for you and John! It seems you have found your inspiration to paint again, and paint you did! WOW! What incredible pieces you have created in the last 6 months. I’m blown away. Well, I always have been blown away by your talent Diane. I am beyond happy for you.


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