Our Las Vegas Home

For anyone who has been involved in a move (and that’s probably just about everybody), you know how all-encompassing it can be. John and I haven’t done this in 20 years.

We have sold our house in Las Vegas and purchased one in Phoenix. Though very exciting, the transition is a ton of work. Weeding through every single item in our home to decide if it’s worth keeping, selling, donating or trashing is mind numbing.

Our two day garage sale, 111degrees!
Our two day garage sale, 111degrees!

The only work I’ve been able to accomplish in my studio is to decided what to do with my painting archives. Many of my paintings didn’t survive the cut;

Is it something to send to a gallery?  if no-

Is it something I want to hang on my own walls? if no-

Take a photo for the record, remove it

A freeing moment is when I can appreciate a painting for what I learned from it and realize I have no obligation to hold on to it “just because”. No, don’t try fixing  it, if there where enough possibilities in the subject, paint it again, if not, I’m smarter now than I was then.

My painting studio before the move
My painting studio now, as a holding place for boxes

I’m looking forward to a new studio space with more room, an outdoor courtyard area and new inspiration around me. We should be in Phoenix by mid August. When will my work space be up and running? Soon I hope –

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