American Impressionist show in Scottsdale

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 11.02.59 AMJohn and I drove to Scottsdale, AZ earlier this week to see the American Impressionist art exhibition at the Trailside Gallery.

It was a beautiful drive, the Sonoran desert of Arizona has more interesting vegetation; Saguaro, Ocotillos, and Cholla cactus compared to our desert, the Mohave. The skies were heavy with storm clouds which added to the drama.

We arrived around 4:30 on Thursday, got something to eat, than onto the gallery for the opening and awards ceremony at 6 pm.

Walking into the gallery I was taken with sheer size of the show, 180 paintings. As we maneuvered between the growing crowd to get a closer look at the paintings, I could see we were in for a visual feast! One by one the sparkling color and deft brushstrokes brought me in.

After viewing the entire show, I wanted to go back and see some of my favorites, which started me thinking “what was it about these that especially stood out to me?”

Counter Attack by Ken Backhaus
Counter Attack by Kenn Backhaus

The above painting, Counter Attack by Kenn Backhaus uses every possible technique to embody the feeling of fast, sharp, speed. Quick brushwork and a totally unexpected use of yellow gold as his main color make this something I’ve never seen before.

Coachman by Carolyn Anderson
Coachman by Carolyn Anderson

We were fortunate to also see a live demonstration by show judge Carolyn Anderson. Her painting above, “Coachman” is a fantastic example of her unique style.  An ethereal, open quality to her work, draws me into her stories. She defies many of the “rules” of common painting principles, like always put your darkest darks in your center of interest- she almost never does this, her characters seem to breathe as you view them.

Spent Shells by Lori Putman
Spent Shells by Lori Putnam

I just love this painting by artist Lori Putnam, it’s so unexpected. Who would think the unlikely subject of a tractor and some old white buildings could be a symphony of fabulous color harmonies. Look at that wonderful composition, pulling my eye into the painting with the broken concrete, leading me to the tractor, than up the roof and around the painting again!

Miss Margaret with Her Violin by Nancy Crookston
Miss Margaret with Her Violin by Nancy Crookston

Miss Margaret with Her Violin by Nancy Crookston is another example of breaking the mold. Instead of making poetry from construction as in the previous painting, Crookston has taken an all too often sugary subject, a little girl with pigtails and turned it on it’s head. How about holding some daisies or a puppy…. no, Crookston surprises us with an adult instrument, the violin. Her expression, a big “look at me” smile? How about a young child just being who she is, natural, relaxed and unaware of her unpretentious beauty.

I came away from this show feeling inspired and at the same time, overwhelmed by all the monumental talent. But in the end I have to remind myself that my only competition is myself, we all have our unique vision and voice … now to try and get some of that down on canvas…

Southwest Art Article

Southwest Art Magazine has always been one of my favorite art magazines. The October issue has just come out which includes a section on the American Impressionist Juried Exhibition to be held at the Trailside Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ., October 1-29. My painting “The Day Begins” will be in the show.

Section on the American Impressionist Society Exhibition
Section on the American Impressionist Society Exhibition

I am also glad to have been included in their special section “Women in Art”.

October 2015, issue of Southwest Art Magazine
October 2015, issue of Southwest Art Magazine

I was happy about how the article came out, click the image below to make it readable.