30 Paintings in 30 Days, days 18 and 19

The Littlest Swans by Diane EugsterDay 18 and 19 feature dancing, but of very different kinds; one fresh and airy, one dark and earthy.

When John walked by my easel yesterday morning, he took a look at the photo for the day and said ” how are you going to paint that?”, I said… I don’t know. 

At first it looked like everything was just floating, not many solid darks, and a background of neural grey. But as I lookup at it longer, I saw why I selected it. All of the values were very close, causing the colors to have an unusual richness. I could also see there was warmth in that grey, the magic being the cool tones against the warm neutral. This is usually the case with me, when I finally realize what I’m looking at, I can paint it.

This young ballet group was performing at an outdoor park, the backdrop is a white piece of canvas, the light from outside is just peeking through at floor level.

MusicLRThis dancer and accompanying musicians were the entertainment at a Belly Dancing convention here in Las Vegas at the South Point Casino and Hotel.

This photo was another challenge as it was blurry from the dim light and movement in the scene. It was a temptation to start at the face, but I’ve learned, painting a head is worthless if it’s in the wrong place. All the the things going on next to her were really what defines her. I started on the easiest parts to grasp, than as things progressed the more difficult areas became easier. My palette was Cad. Yellow Lemon, Yellow Ochre, Cad. Red Deep, Viridian, Permanent Red Oxide and Ivory Black.