30 Paintings in 30 Days, days 22 and 23

The Boat Makers Tool Shed by Diane Eugster
Paper White by Diane Eugster

Days 22 and 23rd’s paintings are both still lifes of a sort, but very different in nature.

Several years ago we drove from Las Vegas to Albany, Oregon. We stopped many times along the way to stretch our legs. On one of these stops we found ourselves in a forest of  wild rhododendrons.  I tried once to grow some of these in our Las Vegas yard, but they need acid soil and ours is as alkaline as they come.

When I began to paint these I had no idea what colors were in the white flowers, so I worked my way from the obvious to the subtle. The large area of cool dark green was obvious. As I worked through the green I began to see blue and warmer passages but didn’t  get side tracked, the value is always more important than the color.

After the large dark was massed in, yes, those flowers were pale blue,pale violet, pale green and pale yellow, but again I massed in the more obvious pale blue, than worked toward the less obvious areas.. Whenever I got “stuck” in the flowers, I moved onto make the blue passages in the greens, than the warm passages, then back to flowers….everything was much easier to see now.

The Boat Makers Tool Shed by Diane Eugster

When visiting Seattle, Washington we visited a Boat Maker’s School. It was a fascinating place of partially constructed boats, a library of construction books and tool sheds filled with all sorts of equipment. My husband John is a woodworker and was explaining to me that these chisels all started out much longer but years of sharpening had rendered several of them unusually short. The years of patina on these well used tools made me wonder how many sets of hands had held them, and what about all the projects they helped to create…