Multitasking A Painting

TheDayFinallrI’m usually not very good at multitasking, so I was a little reluctant when it came to multitasking a painting, but for this new image “The Day Begins” there were two design motives I wanted to work toward, I just couldn’t decide which one to choose, so I chose both.

The first one was texture, a gritty, vintage americana like texture, which I went about creating by first underpainting the canvas with warm tones, adding some greenish passages beneath where the red barn would be. Using a fan brush and some turpentine, spattering some areas caused drips, blooms and generally what appeared to be roughness. I let this dry overnight.


The other design motive was to showcase the sense of bright sunlight without washing the scene out in the light and having the shadows sink into darkness. Limiting the values to mid tone and lighter would combat this. Keeping the shadows lighter would allow me to infuse some color from the bouncing sun light.

Knowing the red barn would be a huge part of the color palette here I decided to see how light I could make that red, than key everything that value or lighter in the painting.


Working the shapes; thinking color, value and texture was a challenge but luckily this subject was pretty straight forward so I didn’t have to fight the drawing too.

I was happy with the result, sometimes it pays to try something different!